The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an insurgent as one who acts contrary to the policies and decisions of one’s own political party. Why have I do I describe myself as an insurgent? Why do I use such a loaded term instead of a non-confrontational sounding term like makeover or renovation. The reason is I am carrying out a total revolt against the values and decision making I have previously held and adhered to! I have been awakened to the dangers of and I have been called to defend my freedom. My campaign against my previous self will not be a campaign of half-measures and the only acceptable outcome will be a crushing victory. I will direct every resource at my command, every tool of my intelligence, every necessary weapon of the battle, to disrupt, uproot and to defeat the influence and force that has held me back. I will not relent nor draw back from seeking the total destruction of my former self so that I can finally be who I am supposed to be. It is a battle of wills between two realities; my past and my alternative reality.

This is not a makeover, it is a lifestyle battle that will be won only through a complete purging of the mediocre person I have been. This is a record of that journey!