4 Ways Running After Uniqueness Is Holding You Back

It is a moment to feel smug and accomplished! You have imagined the best idea ever and you are literally glowing with excitement. It really is a unique idea and no one has ever thought of it. Good for you! But (Yeah there is a BUT), sometimes getting caught up in the uniqueness cult will…

How To Develop Business Models for Creative Enterprise

It doesn’t matter whether you are a writer, musician or fashion designer – if you plan to have a sustainable revenue stream then your great ideas need to be founded on a business model. The creative industry can be and should be a profitable industry.

How Collaboration is A Quickfire Secret To Success For Creatives

Eureka! The profound moment that happens when you get THE idea. The light bulb moment when you believe you have discovered the next big thing. But why is it that there are many who have gone to the grave with their ideas, and many more who are living with brilliant ideas and doing nothing with…

The Blindspots Creative Entrepreneurs Must Overcome

It is one of the hardest things to not be biased. Not that being biased is a bad thing because at times it is the biases that save us from making monumental mistakes or making our journeys longer than they should be.