5 Smart Strategies To Assist You Live Your Dreams

It is a great shame. All your life you have wanted to do the one thing. But you are far from being the person you wanted to be. You are a person who seems to wonder aimlessly in life because you believe fate or destiny has dealt you an unfair hand. You are a person…

What Death Taught Me About This Life

When a friend of mine died during child birth I was devastated because it was the fourth death that I had lost a close person within a relatively short time. It was unreal because the previous day we had spent the whole day chatting on WhatsApp.

How Tidying My Room Made Me A 5000 A Word Writer

I was a pig and it did not change into my adult years I continued to be a pig. It is something that never bothered me and I never cared about the appearance of my room. As long as I had a bed to sleep in then the rest was not important.