7 Awesome Goals I am Pursuing

When the year started I had about six major goals that I determined to complete over the past week I have added an extra one to that list. Advertisements

How to Get a Six Pack : Part 1

When I began to work on my fitness, I felt that I was at a great disadvantage because I did not have access to a gym and the many bills that I had to pay meant that I could not really afford a gym membership.

6 Ways Running Is Similar to Giving Birth

I hope I will not get bashed for writing an article that gives a comparison to something that I have never experienced and will never have the slightest idea of what it feels like.  The information repeated in this article does not take women for granted.

5 Ways Running Like This Girl Made Me Stay Winning

When I started my quest for a healthy lifestyle I was fearful that I would trip up and fail again. After all I have had so many false starts but this time around I did not just have passion I had an unexpected sources of inspiration that has taken me through the two month mark…