Why The Dropout Culture Should Not Be Celebrated

This is not for you if you are a trust fund baby or have an amazing IQ that enables you to float above mere mortals. But if you are an average Joe/Jane please explain to me why you are intoxicated by dropout culture.

Fair enough education is expensive and probably some degrees need to be banned because they add no value to humanity.

I don’t understand the disdain that some people have for education. I have come across numerous articles that rail against higher education, granted, it needs to radically shift to prepare people for the age of artificial intelligence  but that does not mean we should encourage dropout culture.

In Africa we cannot afford to be romantic. We need to get things right and getting things right requires pursuing education with reckless abandon.

The cynical might say education leads to dead end careers and doesn’t lead to wealth but the alternative is more ghastly.

With a pragmatic approach we can overcome the challenges, some of which are of our making. The wasted opportunities that most leaders in Africa squander can be a thing of the past if we have people who think differently.

People who have an appreciation of how the real world works.

Do not dropout of school because someone says its a dead end.

Do not pay attention to romantic tales about dropouts who made it. They are the exceptions not the rule.

For most people education is the key that will open a door that will lead to other doors. It might take time to get to your destination. Its fine.

Be wise and pragmatic, the world we are transitioning too requires that we stop being ‘careless’.


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