It’s In The Deeds Not Words

In your mind its clear.

The image is perfect.

As long as its in your mind you know that it is worth it.

So why is it that year after year you cannot seem to make progress? Afterall you have done everything you have been told to do. You have dreamt it, visualised it, written an eloquent plan and visual boarded it.

But it remains elusive.

Why are you different from others who ‘make it’?

The truth is it’s easy to think up ‘perfect’ ideas but daunting to execute them in the real world.

Execution of your dreams will be messy but it will be disastrous if you do not have systems. There many more stories in the entrepreneurial failure heap than the legends of success that are used as examples of what your dreams can do for you.

The change in the global economy is bringing a shift to the labour market that will see more and more people become independent contractors.

So it will be important that you learn how to execute your dreams by building upon systems that will help you move from words to deeds.

It’s fine to imagine what you want your life to be but its more satisfying to see it happen.







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