5 Ways Running Like This Girl Made Me Stay Winning

When I started my quest for a healthy lifestyle I was fearful that I would trip up and fail again. After all I have had so many false starts but this time around I did not just have passion I had an unexpected sources of inspiration that has taken me through the two month mark and it has definitely been developing into a beautiful friendship. Into the first week of my training I met an interesting young woman who was on the road. I have learnt a lot of things from just observing her and did I say that she provides tons of inspiration.

# She is Focused

The young lady I met was totally focused on what she was doing. Unlike myself I could not see beyond getting rid of the simple goal.  Why are you running? I want to lose my belly fat and then what? Huh, what do you mean what? I mean what is your long term goal. I did not really think that far ahead. My plan was to lose the belly fat as fast as possible so that people would not look at me weirdly or mockingly saying that I looked like I was expecting.  Initially I was not thinking about this as a lifestyle change. My area of focus was limited. I was thinking that when my stomach had retracted enough I would go back to my favorite foods. But she is not like that

# She is determined

There have been a number of times when I have been unwilling to wake up and run into the darkness but she is an unrelenting fitness buddy. My friend texts and calls if that does not work. When we are supposed to be on the road we get on the road. I am convinced that one day should I be slack enough she will come and drag me out of bed. That is how determined she is. We live about a kilometer from each other. It is a good thing to have someone who is unrelenting because that has shaken me out of my slackness and I no longer need prodding. I actually miss running during alternate days when I am working on weights and feel like I am cheating my body of a great experience.

# She is Consistent

My friend is as constant as the Northern Star. She does not break protocol unless if it is to increase intensity and make the route more challenging. Her consistency has rubbed off on me and it has also been cultivated in other areas of my life such as writing and gardening. When you have a running buddy then it is possible that some of their values will be imprinted into you. She is one of the few runners I have seen doing it on a consistent basis. Most of the people I see running I see them once a month or they disappear after their initial run or we just do not meet, those are possibilities but I think most give up or have not developed the stamina to be consistent.

# She is Passionate


My fitness buddy is passionate not just about a healthy lifestyle but about everything she does. She does not do things in half-measures. She goes all in. It does not matter whether it is her family, job or her hobbies. It is something that is infectious especially in a country that is caught in political and economic quagmire. It is easy to lose focus when you experience defeat. There are numerous time when you need to be positive so that you do not get crushed by life events. I struggled for some time with having a positive outlook on things and when I met her I thought that she was the way she was because everything was working out well for her. She was advancing in her career, she has a loving family and is not bothered by some of the mundane stuff that we mere mortals deal with. But as I have gotten to know her over the past 8 weeks I have realized that besides the material differences we go through the same struggles but it is her response and positive attitude that makes her a joy in an atmosphere poisoned by fear.

# She is Supportive

Overall she has become a good friend. She is supportive. I was not an open person. I could have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I would pretend that everything was fine but I have been a bit more willing to share some problems I have and she is just supportive. The reason I have been open with her is that she is not pretentious but is a “what you see is what you get person.”

Her boundless energy and enthusiasm have infected me and I have just moved out of my comfort zone by pushing myself more but I hope that I am also having some positive influence on her and not just sucking the goodness out her personality! I am not doing it alone I have a fellow insurgent.

image credit: freedigitalphotos.net


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  1. Jay Colby says:

    I enjoyed your post if you have some free time check out

    Finding Motivation: Change Your Life



    1. insurgentguy says:

      Jay thank you. i will check out your blog and give you feedback!

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